Terms & Conditions

Terms of Use

The “1,2,3 High App” application and the “1,2,3 High Pro” website are managed by the limited liability company “OneTwoThree High GmbH” (hereinafter referred to as “company”).

The “company” offers its services through its application/website subject to the following terms and conditions. Please make sure that you agree with the following terms and conditions as your continued use and browsing of the above application/website implies your express and unconditional consent and agreement with them.

These Terms of Use may be revised and updated at any time and without notice. The visitor/user is requested to check the Terms of Use of the application/website periodically, as continued use of the application/website implies acceptance of any changes. The invalidity of any provision shall not affect the validity of the other provisions. Any failure by the “company” to exercise its rights under the Terms and Conditions shall not constitute a waiver of such rights.

The visitor/user who wishes to register and create a personal profile on our application/website must provide, with his/her consent, all the identification information required for the creation of his/her profile. Access to the content and services of our application/website depends on the visitor/user creating his/her profile and obtaining the relevant licence.

The visitor/user must have full legal capacity under the following conditions. The “company” is not responsible for any use by visitors/users who do not meet the above qualifications.

Application / Website Terms

Through the 1,2,3 High App users/athletes are provided free of charge with the opportunity to develop/improve their athletic skills, the possibility to compete with each other and the ease of communication with professionals in the field.

Users/athletes, aged 13 years and over, after creating a profile and obtaining a license, have the ability to upload material from sports activities (this content is and remains the sole responsibility of the user who posted it and remains solely responsible for it), to participate in tests, to improve and excel through them, to watch coaching/improvement videos, to rate, score and communicate with each other as well as with professionals upon request/message. Each athlete competes against athletes from the same country. If the user/athlete uploads non-sporting material, he/she will receive a warning via electronic communication and points will be deducted from his/her score.

The creation of profiles and the use of our application by underage users/athletes over 13 years of age is only allowed with the express consent of the adults exercising their custody, in cases required by applicable law. The latter are solely responsible for the protection of the aforementioned minors. Minors under the age of 13 are prohibited from creating profiles and using the individual pages and services of our application.

Through the 1,2,3 High Pro website, our database is offered and made available to users / professionals (scouters, managers and the teams themselves) on a paid basis (after they have chosen one or more of the 6 different subscription packages available on our website). The database is created voluntarily and with the consent of the above users/athletes and includes personal data, audiovisual material (all purely sporting content) and direct communication with the athletes themselves.

Users / professionals after creating a profile and obtaining a licence have the ability to collect / store data, to be able to download lists of athletes, to monitor their performance through the audiovisual material and to communicate through the contact form provided directly with the athlete.

The license to use the application/website provided to users is personal and non-transferable.

The above services are provided in Greek, English and German and the geographical area of reference is the European continent.

In case it is found that:

  1. the user’s data is untrue,
  2. the age of the user/athlete is beyond the permissible limits,
  3. the general use is illegal, unconventional or unfair and
  4. the use is aimed at data breach or copying

the user’s account will be automatically deleted.

The “company” will not tolerate any kind of content that causes objection and abuses and will also not tolerate any user taking such action. If such unpleasant, disturbing or inappropriate content is detected after reports, it will be removed by the “company” within 24 hours and the user who provided the reported content will be deleted.

Intellectual Property Rights

The content and services of this application/website (except those subject to third party copyrights or which are trademarks or third party insignia) are the property of the “company” and are protected as such by applicable national, European Community and international law. It is strictly forbidden for any visitor/user of the application/website to trade, copy, reproduce, retransmit in any way the content of the application/website in violation of these terms and conditions.

Personal Data Protection

The “company” may collect and process personal data of visitors/users of the application/website in accordance with the “Privacy Policy” and GDPR.

User liability

The visitor/user accepts, agrees and undertakes to use the application/website in a lawful and appropriate manner and to comply with the codes of conduct set out in the applicable legislation.


The visitor/user of the application/website is responsible for any damage caused to the application/website as a result of incorrect or improper use of the relevant services. For any damage or moral prejudice caused through the services of the application/website by the posting, publication or communication of any content by a visitor/user, the visitor/user shall be solely responsible for its restoration.

The “company” reserves the right to take any legal action against the visitor/user to stop any offending behaviour or act and prevent its repetition in the future, as well as to claim compensation from the user for any damage caused.

In particular, with regard to the publication of content, users have the following obligations regarding the content they publish, indicatively and not restrictively:

not to be illegal, offensive, abusive, abusive, pornographic defamatory, racist,

not to aim to defame or slander persons, companies or organizations,

not to interfere with the proper functioning of the application / website,

not to violate the personality and personal data of third parties,

not to violate copyright,

not to constitute a criminal offence in any way,

to be in accordance with existing national, European and international legislation.

In the event that a user becomes aware of content contrary to the above, the “company” encourages him/her to contact it in any way to report it.

The “company” provides the contact form on www.onetwothreehigh.com for the user to report any malicious activity and malicious content. The content reported by the user will be checked and removed. As stated in the above terms, the responsible user will be deleted.

Limitation of liability – Disclaimer

Under no circumstances, including negligence, shall the “company” be liable for any form of damage suffered by the visitor/user of the pages, services, options and contents of the application/website, which he/she undertakes on his/her own initiative and with knowledge of these terms. Furthermore, the “company” does not guarantee that the pages, services, options and contents will be provided without interruption, without errors, that errors will be corrected, or that answers will be provided to all questions posed to it.

Similarly, the “company” does not guarantee that the application/website or any other related website or the servers through which the content is made available to the visitor/user are provided free of “viruses” or other harmful components. The cost of any corrections or servicing is borne by the visitor/user and in no case by the “company”.

Applicable law – Jurisdiction

These Terms and any modification thereof shall be governed by German law. Any dispute arising out of these Terms shall be subject to the jurisdiction of the competent local courts in Germany.